Driving in large cities is different from taking your vehicle on interstate since large metropolitans present unique conditions and dangers such as debris and potholes to your tyres which are not common on highways and dirt roads. Choosing correct city tyres for your vehicle is the most vital decision. Understanding right specifications and size for them is the best place to begin. Your enjoyment and safety in driving for the next few decades and hundreds of miles is determined by this decision. You can own the best and safest vehicle in the city, but it will not be meaningful without a good pair of tyres.

Any tyres will be fine for basic driving around town. But if you drive on congested streets and highways in the rush hour, you are advised to use more responsive ones which will serve in a better way. A good tyre fitment centre will assist you choose those which are good and roadworthy. Purchasing good ones especially for passenger vehicles comes with essential merits such dependable ride and long lifespan.

For you to enjoy your drive, ensure you select the best tyres which match your driving style.

  • If you admire quiet and comfortable ride, acquire those that are specific on comfort, have low noise and give a smooth ride. In general, touring tours with low speed rating are customised for more comfort than speed. You are recommended not to get below the speed rating specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle. In addition, avoid aggressive tread design which may look appealing and cool for they can generate a lot of noise while on the road.
  • If you like feeling every curve, acquire those that mention steering precision as well as great handling like the Vitora Sportlife Performance Tyres. These are tyres that have higher speed ratings and higher performance. They are customised to provide more precise ride and better control.

There are tyre characteristics you are advised to consider specific for city driving:

  • Braking Distance:-When purchasing, you are recommended to look for those that have an optimum braking distance on both wet and dry road surfaces.
  • Economy of Fuel:- You are advised to purchase those that have low rolling resistance to save fuel.
  • Longevity:- You are recommended to buy those with longevity since city driving has numerous starts and stops.
  • Speed ratings:- T or S speed ratings are standard and great for many drivers. They handle city and highway speeds as well as last longer than those built for high performance cars.

When you are in need of tyres, treat it like purchasing a pair of shoes. Not only consider their size, price and quality, but also what your demand is based on style as well as driving.

Important Tyre Tips for Safe City Driving